Bikini Girls v Dinosaurs: The Movie

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Catalina: A new kind of Superhero
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Thrixium is the most powerful substance in the known universe. War-monger General Killgarth the Negative seeks Thrixium to power a Meta-Weapon capable of planetary destruction. A trap is laid for Killgarth; he is caught and sentenced to life imprisonment on Tiebous a pre-historic planet. Whilst on route to Tiebous the prison ship carrying Killgarth is intercepted by members of his violent horde and destroyed. An escape pod from the prison ship crash lands on Earth, Killgarth is thrown clear leaving the pilot fatally wounded inside.

Meanwhile; Ben Gerick the rising star at a major city law firm keeps a secret. By day he wears smart business suits, but at home he dresses in women’s clothing to take on a new persona…that of Catalina. Deciding to make his first appearance in public as Catalina, Ben witnesses the escape pod crash land. Moments before dying from his injuries the Escape Pod Pilot thrusts the real Thrixium orb into Catalina/Ben’s chest thus imbuing him with incredible super powers.

Soon General Killgarth the Negative realises he is in possession of a fake Thrixium orb and embarks on a vengeful journey to find Catalina…

Starring Nathan Lubbock-Smith, George McCluskey, Laura Martin, Anna Firoentini and Gemma Head in comedy science-fiction drama.
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