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Bikini Girls vs Dinosaurs

Girlpower, time travel and dinosaurs!

Somewhere in outer space three super-hot space fighter pilots - Solara, Tansy and Cala (the Bikini Girls) fly daring combat missions whilst maintaining fabulous hair. But Voluptina, the Bikini Girls wicked stepmother, secretly plans to steal their rightful title for herself to become Queen of the Galaxy. Voluptina orders her teddy-bear fixated chief Scientist to banish the Bikini Girls into a rogue black-hole, thus sending our intrepid space fighter pilots 70 million years back in time to the age of the dinosaurs…


On The Shoulders Of Giants

Retro adventure homaging 1950s film sci-fi 

Adventure begins 50 million light years from year Earth…

In the 23rd century.

During the maiden voyage of the starship Andromeda its Einstein-Rosen (ER) Bridge drive is successfully tested. Fifteen years earlier starship Leviathan propelled by the first version of the ER drive disappeared on its maiden voyage. As the only other vessel equipped with an operational ER drive, the Andromeda is secretly reassigned to the Leviathan's rescue mission.

The Andromeda’s crew locates the crashed Leviathan on Theta-25L, a desolate planet 50,000 million light years from Earth. Shortly after arriving on the planet’s surface tragedy strikes and the entire mission is thrown into jeopardy. The Andromeda’s crew soon discover the Leviathan’s enigmatic sole survivor and Theta-25L both harbour terrifying secrets…


Catalina: A new kind of superhero

Comedy sci-fi adventure with an unlikely superhero

Ben Gerick is a rising star for a major corporate law firm. By day he dresses in a smart business suit, but at home he takes on a new persona…that of Catalina – A superhero transvestite.


Rosetta: Prima Donna Assoluta

Tragic but heart-warming music based drama

Milan, Italy. 1960. Rosetta Susannah Di Curci the fêted colouratura soprano is on the brink of superstardom when doctors diagnose a cancerous polyp on her vocal chords. Rosetta chooses to have surgery but knows she will never perform again in public.

Forty years later, Rosetta lives as a recluse in a northern England city. The spectre of her career failure continues to haunt her.

Into Rosetta’s life comes Eddie Banks, owner of a small independent record shop. Eddie fights to maintain his prime-site business against cutthroat competition and corrupt estate agents.

Against the backdrop of their personal traumas, Eddie helps Rosetta to rediscover her zest for life. In return, she shares her unique personal philosophy with him.

Fearing she will become ill again, Rosetta makes contact with the daughter she gave up for adoption forty years ago... 



Fun family fantasy adventure with dragons and magic

‘Some people keep the greatest secrets…this one is yours – Kingdom’

City businessman Troy Franklin must question everything he believes when he encounters living dragons!

Troy is thrust into a magical adventure when he joins forces with eccentric inventor Aristotle and a mysterious ancient warrior…

The friends fight to protect the last known dragon sanctuary from a 2000-year-old warlord who is bent on harnessing sorcery to defeat the returning dragons and claim the modern Kingdom of Britain for himself. 

The Ledston Chickens

Insanely therapeutic or just insane!

Two hours of hypnotic chicken action!

When life gets too fast we all need to tune out and get back to the farm. Come navel-gaze, chill or just hang out with the Ledston Chickens. Who is your favourite? Why that one?

The Ledston Chickens Movie is in standard definition.


The Ugly Bug Ball

The smartest insects in town

What happens when your music goes missing...
Starring Vineeta Rishi and the worlds smallest actors.

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Chicago Breakdown

A Homage to the Golden Age Of Science Fiction
by Steve Covelle Took

Date: 3 October 1942
Place: Peenemunde Rocket Testing site, Northern Germany

It was noon and the arch of a clear cloudless sky extended over Northern Germany, standing on the roof of the measurement house overlooking the rocket test stand General Dornberger looked out over the protective parapet standing next to him was Engineer-Colonel Zanssen it was an ideal observation post.

The A4 rocket (later renamed V2) stood ready on its firing table; it was still connected by two stout cables to the measuring instruments in the shelter.

On that October noon the General had but a single thought, would the launch be successful this time, had they really discovered the reason for the failure of the last two attempts.

A great deal depended on this launching. The senior propulsion and guidance engineers stood at their indirectly lit switchboards in the shelter. In a seperate corner engineers from the firm of Siemens were busy with the precision focusing of television apparatus*.

They little knew that other eyes were watching. The silver disc was 20 meters across; it lay on the seabed 100 meters offshore of Peenemunde. Its occupants tasked with observing the launch of what would be the first man-made object to enter the realms of space.

Other eyes were also watching the developments of Atomic scientists across the world but especially here in Germany the only country developing rocket technology capable of entering space.

*(Electronic television was invented in the early 1930’s by American Philo T Farnsworth. John Logie Baird invented mechanical television in the 1920’s).

Being a man of a certain age I used to go to the Cinema on Saturday mornings with a large group of mates. In those days the programme consisted of cartoons and movie shorts mostly comedy 3 stooges that sort of thing but the highlight was a movie serial. Our favourites were the Science Fiction Serials, such as The Phantom Empire, a Futuristic City 20,000 feet beneath the Earth and Action Adventure Mystery Science. We would leave the Cinema each Saturday full of the  excitement of the whole experience and it has never left me even to this day when I have the whole 12 part serial on DVD. At the age of 65 it appears foolish to watch this now but when you are ten you watch that sort of thing with the eye of youth.

Steve Covelle Took

Chicago Breakdown by Steve Covelle Took


Kingdom: The Novel

A contemporary fairy-tale set in the heart of a big city
by KD Barker 

‘Some people keep the greatest secrets…this one is yours – Kingdom’ 

Kingdom tells the story of the last dragon sanctuary in contemporary Britain. See how a disparate band of friends come face-to-face with forces of ancient magic and the powers of nature.

Take nothing for granted. Witness the last tribe of noble dragons to fly through our skies, experience mystical rites and discover the myths lost in 2,000 years.

Would you survive a Dragon Catcher hell-bent on revenge or a crazed ancient warlord out to reclaim his Kingdom.

Dare you delve deep into feudal worlds, the old stories and past glories?

Read the book and now see the film. 

Writing and telling rich, deep secrets. Lets go away to laugh, be amazed and see amazing things. Sometimes we might cry and be sad but we will always enjoy the journey. Perhaps we can grow together and fulfill our destinies whatever they might be.

KD Barker



About the CompanyWOTR is an independent film and video production company based in West Yorkshire, UK. The company was established by Creative Producer KD Barker in 1997. “I could not get any one to back me, let alone have the faintest realisation that not all feature films come from Hollywood,” said Barker. “Then it occurred to me that I was in a melting point of some of the finest talents in the country, why not just find a way to produce the films I want to see.”
KD Barker (Right) 


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