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Alien Church: The Damned on Earth

Pitch:The timelessness of love, the serenity of 2001 and the terror of Alien.

Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space...
Mere weeks before Gagarin’s epoch making spaceflight, the Soviet Union attempted to orbit a manned capsule. The mission went catastrophically wrong leaving the hapless cosmonaut on board to perish in the depths of space.

A wandering alien entity encounters the drifting cosmonaut, ‘changing’ him beyond what we know as human. The cosmonaut is later returned to Earth in a cathedral-sized space vessel.

Now fuelled by a malevolent rage, the evil demi-god cosmonaut seeks revenge on those who consigned him to death. But he will not stop there…

The modern Orthodox Church hides a secret so powerful the lives of ordinary billions are now put in jeopardy. By order of the Pope, a forsaken knowledge is unbound from within the Vatican’s most recessed catacombs. An army of the undead, controlled by the Papacy will meet the evil alien cosmonaut in a holy war.  

And what of Angels – they exist. They are the only true hope to counter the forces of evil now unleashed on both sides. Except; even the angels do not know who they are or their purpose on Earth.

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