Bikini Girls v Dinosaurs: The Movie

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Milan, Italy. 1960. Rosetta Susannah Di Curci the fêted colouratura soprano is on the brink of superstardom when doctors diagnose a cancerous polyp on her vocal chords. Rosetta chooses to have surgery but knows she will never perform again in public.

Forty years later, Rosetta lives as a recluse in a northern England city. The spectre of her career failure continues to haunt her.

Into Rosetta’s life comes Eddie Banks, owner of a small independent record shop. Eddie fights to maintain his prime-site business against cutthroat competition and corrupt estate agents.

Against the backdrop of their own personal traumas, Eddie helps Rosetta to rediscover her zest for life. In return, she shares her unique personal philosophy with him.

Fearing she will become ill again, Rosetta makes contact with the daughter she gave up for adoption forty years ago…

Starring Helen Grady, Louise Graham and Daniel Martell-Gardiner.
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